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Can doxycycline (or any tetracycline) both cause and treat Lupus?

Some websites say that doxycycline can lead to drug-induced lupus, while others say that the drug can be used in TREATING lupus. Can someone clarify this? Thanks.

It can cause SLE and it should not be given to patients with SLE where it could exacerbate or worsen the said condition. Therefore, it cannot be used to treat lupus.

Antibiotics, such as tetracycline, are often used for a given time frame to be able to work its best. Unfortunately, some people think that it would be better to take it for an extended period of time to make sure that it does its work completely. This is a misconception since the body has a way of getting immune to antibiotics. When this happens, it can produce adverse results instead of helping the body out such as growth of other organisms, and inducing other conditions to arise.

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One Response to “Can doxycycline (or any tetracycline) both cause and treat Lupus?”

  1. Pip says:

    The above answer is complete and utter nonsense and doesn’t in the least account for recent innovations in microbiology.

    YES – doxycycline can treat Lupus.

    NO – it doesn’t lead to an overgrowth of bad flora, provided one uses probiotics in accordance with accepted medical practice.

    For more information, please see and .


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